In defense of Brendan Eich

Disclaimer: I do not defending proposition 8, nor do I make this statement in agreement with Mr. Eich's viewpoint. 

With that out of the way, I can only be ashamed of the way this situation was handled.  I'm shocked by the hypocrisy in our so-called tollerant communities and I'm even more shocked that Mozilla did nothing more to defend it's CEO.

My first radio appearance

Today, the local radio Geel FM aired an interview with me that we recorded on thursday about LETS Geel.  Very Cool.

Michel Follet will be back on Joe FM (for the summer)!!!

Starting july 6, he will be doing the morning show on JoeFM instead of Raf and Alexandra.

Those who know me already heard that the transition from 4FM to Joe killed my favorite radio station and the morning show is the worst part of it. 

But Michel is about my all-time favorite radio host!  So at least during the summer, I will have something I actually enjoy listening to on the radio again!

I will probably end up dreaming that this change is permanent.

Death of a radio station

Starting today, JoeFM went live and 4FM is no more.  This is a huge leap... backwards.
4FM has been my favorite radio station pretty much since the beginning, and when they took on Michel Follet, I was really happy.  I liked the style and loved the music.

But the tide shifted and it it was said that 4FM needed to become more modern and the old style of presentation was flushed for something young and exciting, of if you are me, shallow and boring.  Yet some gems remained like Truus Druyts' heartbeats.

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