Ik ben kwaad (racisme/school)

Ik ben kwaad, nog altijd, ook al is wat er gebeurde nu al een half jaar geleden.  Wat is er dan gebeurd?

Al 3 jaar zaten mijn zoontjes op VBS De Wijngaard in Veerle en al 3 jaar waren er problemen met pesten op school. Maar vorig schooljaar kwam er iets nieuws bij.  Het pesten werd erger en er kwamen racistische uitspraken bij in de klas van mijn oudste zoon (nu 11j).  Dus ook dat maar weer aangekaart bij de directie en de belofte gekregen dat het aangepakt ging worden.


In defense of Brendan Eich

Disclaimer: I do not defending proposition 8, nor do I make this statement in agreement with Mr. Eich's viewpoint. 

With that out of the way, I can only be ashamed of the way this situation was handled.  I'm shocked by the hypocrisy in our so-called tollerant communities and I'm even more shocked that Mozilla did nothing more to defend it's CEO.

My latest article in Linux Identity

My latest article for Linux Identity about securing your computer, even against the NSA, appeared in the new edition, get your copy here.

kernvragen.be: Gaan mijn kleinkinderen last hebben van ons kernafval?


Antwoord van kernvragen hier.

Jullie stellen in het kort:

1. Nucleair afval is maar 1% van alle jaarlijks giftig afval
2. het is goed opspoorbaar
3. wat niet ter zake doende opmerkingen over toekomstige technieken.


The Belgian nuclear forum is launching a very aggressive marketing campaign which supposedly provides answers about nuclear energy to the public.

Reading through the questions and answers seems to confirm my original feeling that this is nothing more than a marketing campaign designed to ease the fears surrounding nuclear enegery instead of actually providing honest answers.  

So, as someone with 4 years of experience in the nuclear energy, I will be asking them some questions and I'll be curious to hear the answers.

Sociale media, een toenemend gevaar voor de vrije maatschappij

Dit artikel is op 4 augustus 2011 verschenen op De Wereld Morgen

De beginjaren van de 21ste eeuw brachten veel nieuwigheden met zich mee. In de digitale wereld werd luid geroepen dat Web 2.0 een realiteit was.


It had to happen one day...

Several nuclear reactors in Japan are on the brink of a meltdown scenario following the recent earthquakes.  After being told for a decade that this scenario was impossible in a western-type reactor (even this weekend, a spokesperson from the WNA made such a bold claim), the unthinkable is happening.  If a meltdown actually happens, a large area around the accident site will be uninhabitable for thousands of years and the local foodchain might be eradicated.

My first radio appearance

Today, the local radio Geel FM aired an interview with me that we recorded on thursday about LETS Geel.  Very Cool.


I blogged about putting my sons in a catholic school earlier today (http://nocturn.vsbnet.be/content/defeated).

They funny thing is that I received a response:

"So, to solve your issue with how racism was handled at your previous school, you go to a fairly monolithic catholic school. Certainly theologically monolithic, and I'm guessing largely racially monolithic as well. That move sounds racist to me... eliminate all other diversities around your child."


Yesterday, I made a very mixed decision of enrolling my two sons in a katholic school.  I hope this will be a good school for them and I really think it will be.

But today, I can't shake this feeling of defeat.  It's his 4th school and he's only 5, we always kept the catholic schools from the list of options because I strongly feel that religion in schools violates our freedom of religion.  But too many things went wrong in these public schools and there were several racist incidents which weren't dealt with in any meaningful way.


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