Taurix IT, Making Zarafa Z-push work on multi-tenant setups

Cross posted from the Taurix blog .

At Taurix IT, we are running a hosted version of Zarafa Groupware to give our customers a virtual private environment with all bells and whistles enabled as if they would be running an on-premise Microsoft Exchange server.

This functionality is pretty standard iin Zarafa.  But when we installed the ActiveSync component, Z-push, our multi-tenancy features did not work.  To provide our customers with Mobile access to their groupware account, we patched Z-push to support the Domain parameter found in most ActiveSync clients.

The blogpost over at the Taurix blog contains the diff you need to apply to Z-push to actually use the domain at login, it is made on our case where we use a \ as separator, though you can substitute this in the code with a character of your choice.

Happy syncing :-)