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Microsoft proves it has a sense of humor

You really have to hand it to Microsoft, apart from bad software and a lousy OS, they also produce their fair share of comical material like the Get The Facts campaigns.

But the guys in Redmond are rarely satisfied with any great piece of work, so their humor department produced this very funny article in  Computer world.

On Ubuntu and Yahoo

I've been quiet on the Ubuntu-Yahoo deal so far, but in my comments people seem to take me as hostile to this decision.

Frankly, I don't see what the big deal is on this issue, Ubuntu is not replacing an open service like Identi.ca by something like twitter on new installs and upgrades.

It's trading one commercial search provider with another because of a straight forward business deal, one they have been completely open about too.


I visited FOSDEM this weekend.  It was very interesting.

Had a nice chat with the MariaDB people and off course Zarafa.  The talks where nice, though the one on Ubuntu and Debian was a bit controversial.

Next up is storage expo :-)

RE: is-canonical-becoming-the-new-microsoft

The Open Sourcerer is running a blog post titled "Is Canonical Becoming The New Microsoft?"

The author does make some valid points regarding issues like proprietary software in Ubuntu and concerns over the views that Matt Asay holds.

deja-dup desktop backup

I've been messing with finding a decent desktop backup application this weekend to run on all the family laptops. I thought backintime would do the trick, but it turned out not to work over sshfs (due to the lack of hardlink support) and doing backups to the same disk that holds the data seems like a bad idea to me.

So, today I found an article on deja-dup in my RSS feed, installed it and it's wonderful. It has a built in scheduler and supports all filesystems that gvfs does, but adds nice things like encryption for your backups and it integrates very well with Nautilus.

I'm giving a workshop on Zarafa

On 25 february, I'm giving a workshop on Zarafa, the open source alternative to MS Exchange.

If anyone is interested in signing up (for free), they can still do so at http://www.open-future.be/zarafa-workshop

Weird router crashes

Saturday brought a very strange behaviour to my Linksys WAG200 router, it started crashing very often.
After some tests I discovered the cause to be bittorrent, whenever I start deluge (with torrents in the queue), the router goes down at random intervals of 10 minutes to an hour.  Without bittorrent, it just runs for 8 hours or more...
I don't understand this behaviour though as it wasn't upgraded recently and it has worked fine with bittorrent for nearly a year now...
I hope to get to the bottom of this very annoying behaviour.

Funny indicator messages

My new rental car just told me to "Depress the break pedal"...
I tried talking to it about how hard the life of the average pedal was, but I had to kick it to get it really depressed.
(the car in question is a Volkswagen Passat in case anyone is wondering).

Open-Future Launch party

October brought me a new job in the Open Source world when I started working for Open-Future, a newly created (Belgian) company dedicated to Open Source consultancy.

We will be organizing an official launch party on December 07 in the Oude Abdij, Kortenberg.   I hope that we can push Open Source adoption in Belgium, which is rather slow compared to other countries!

Installing Windows in VirtualBox

I had to install Windows for someone who needed Office (for a specific thing).  So I installed VirtualBox on his Karmic PC and created a VM.

When the Hard Disk dialog came up, I choose 3 GB thinking it's only Windows + Office without data...  Boy was I wrong.

After installing Windows XP and Office 2003, a dialog popped up saying that I had less than 60 MB left!  I was shocked that I needed so much space for nearly no software (let alone data)...

I'm now hugging my Ubuntu machine, greatfull that it can fit more than just minesweeper on the odd gigabyte.


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