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Appeal to Red Hat on CentOS

Dear Red Hat

As you might have noticed, CentOS is finding it increasingly difficult to deliver new releases, this is well illustrated by the delay in CentOS 5.6 and more notably, 6.0.

One of the effects is that community users are moving away from CentOS to Scientific Linux.  This is actually a replay of what happened to Whitebox linux many years ago.

Small distro for a netbook

I'm reinstalling an Asus EEEPC 701 of a friend with Linux (it had WinXP).  Ubuntu Natty installs and runs fine, but fills up > 2/3 of the internal disk. 

So, I'm looking for options to cut back on disk usage while still providing a good experience for an end-user.

Any suggestions?  I looked at Meego (but doesn't support the 701 well)

Blog commenting on identi.ca/Twitter?

I've been thinking about commenting systems for a while now.  Each blog or site maintains their own system, and often provides notifications to users that have commented.

But there are also systems like Disqus that centralise your comments.  The concept is nice but I'm left wondering if identi.ca and/or twitter wouldn't be a good alternative...  Most of my sites run Drupal, but I haven't found any modules that implement something like this.

One of the side benefits would be if you could capture discussions mentioning your article and display them back on your site.

Drupal 6 on Ubuntu 10.04 problems

 I've been track down errors on my Drupal 6 and OpenAtrium (drupal-based) sites that are running on my Ubuntu 10.04 servers.

As it turns out, warnings like below appear on a lot of functionality:

Warning: Parameter 2 to mollom_form_alter() expected to be a reference, value given in /data/vhosts/drupal6/includes/common.inc on line 2892.

This can be traced back to this piece of common.inc:

call_user_func_array($function, $args);

It had to happen one day...

Several nuclear reactors in Japan are on the brink of a meltdown scenario following the recent earthquakes.  After being told for a decade that this scenario was impossible in a western-type reactor (even this weekend, a spokesperson from the WNA made such a bold claim), the unthinkable is happening.  If a meltdown actually happens, a large area around the accident site will be uninhabitable for thousands of years and the local foodchain might be eradicated.

Trying Unity

 I couldn't sleep last night, so I fired up update-manager -d on my Ubuntu 10.10 box for an upgrade to Natty.

So, as of this morning, I'm using the new Unity interface full-time and much to my surprise, I actually like a lot about it.

The good:

  • Unity is actually quite good at optimizing screen space, so there's a lot more room on the screen
  • The top menu makes a lot of sense after using it more than 15 minutes
  • The whole thing looks pretty coherent

The bad:

Bookkeeping software for GNU/Linux?

Dear blogosphere

I'm looking for bookkeeping/accounting software on GNU/Linux that supports the Belgian tax requirements.
OpenERP should work, but that is overkill for simple accounting.

Any suggestions?


EDIT: forgot to mention that I'm looking for a Free Software solution.

Posting to facebook

Testing if my blog posts through to facebook...


My first radio appearance

Today, the local radio Geel FM aired an interview with me that we recorded on thursday about LETS Geel.  Very Cool.

Keeping Zarafa/CalDAV Calendars in sync

Like many people, I have two major calendars to maintain.  The biggest parts of my appointments is located in a Zarafa calendar at work (Zarafa is an Open-Source groupware application).  

My personal calendar is stored on another Zarafa server (in my private cloud).  My co-workers off-course have access to my work calendar, but my wife needs to be able to access my private calendar.  My work calendar is synced to my mobile phone.

Scheduling appointments sometimes is pretty annoying as the two calendars are needed to get a full grasp of my available time.


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