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Upgrading to Drupal 7, not always easy

I have several sites running on Drupal (which is great).   Just after D7 came out, I started using it as the basis for all new sites I set up.  But recently, I upgraded 2 of my old D6 sites to D7 and both upgrades where a bumpy ride.

The first upgrade was on a site that started on D5, was upgraded to D6 (rather smoothly).  When I ran the upgrade to D7 several times, the site crashed horribly with even core modules like color throwing errors.  This wan not a big site, so I set up a clean D7 install and copied the node content over.

Mobistar helpdesk hell

 I've switched to Mobistar ADSL in january of this year.  Unlike their television offer, it has mostly worked OK.  Until a month ago, when my connection became so unstable that even watchin a Youtube video is impossible.  

Cnotify becomes AlertMe

 I renamed the Cnotify script I announced sunday to AlertMe.  The homepage remains at http://support.orions2.org/projects/cnotify

Cnotify, get notifications for console events

I created this program because I do a lot of work on the terminal and wanted an easy way to get notifications when a task on a host completed with sufficient details to know which task finished.

Initially, I wanted to created a system with a client on the hosts that sent a json message to a server component running somewhere and a Gnome notifications daemon that read messages from that server. But that wouldn't have gotten me notifications on my Android phone (which I carry always). So I ended up using Jabber for notifications instead of my own server component.

Glusterfs weird directory replication

 Today, I hit one of the weirdest problems on a server I've seen so far.  I'm putting a replicated Gluster storage setup into production.

After some initial problems and an upgrade to Gluster 3.2.2  (which you should really do if you are running Gluster), everything seemed to be running smoothly.

Until I noticed that the contents of one directory started showing up in another directory.  Clearing the second one seemed to help only to get the files back minutes later.  It was a mistery.

Sociale media, een toenemend gevaar voor de vrije maatschappij

Dit artikel is op 4 augustus 2011 verschenen op De Wereld Morgen

De beginjaren van de 21ste eeuw brachten veel nieuwigheden met zich mee. In de digitale wereld werd luid geroepen dat Web 2.0 een realiteit was.


Try filing your Begian VAT tax form with (Ubuntu) Linux

I recently started to work as a freelancer.  So, come this week I have to file my first VAT form.

So, last week I started with my attemps to use the online Intervat system, which has to be accessed using your Belgian electronic identity card.  Off course I will have to be using one of my Ubuntu Linux systems as my home and business are Windows-free.

Moving on...

This friday will mark my last official day at Open-Future, though I haven't been in for weeks now as I decided to take up my vacation days.

I will continue to work as a Linux consultant for Taurix, my own venture that focusses on Linux and Free Software solutions.  Taurix offers Linux based laptops and servers as well as service like webdesign, hosting and consultancy.

Mobistar TV-Decoder reset code

 After another day with a briced Mobistar TV-Decoder yet again, I had to re-enter the secret reset code again.

For my own reference and for other victims of their crappy TV service, the code is:


Good luck;

Fixing mailscanner on Ubuntu 10.04

I'm running a mailscanner mail relay on Ubuntu Lucid for my networks.  It acts up sometimes and the queues freeze as mailscanner starts looping for an unkown reason.   Until yesterday, running MailScanner --debug showed no errors and very weirdly processed the queues.

But yesterday evening, all mail processing grinded to a halt as --debug failed to process the remaining messages, yet it gave no error.

So after googling and trying, I ran Mailscanner with debug and debug spamassassin set in the config file and it finally gave me the error message I needed:


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