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Why does the upgrade-manager in precise insist on removing skype?

After upgrading to Precise, I noticed that Skype was uninstalled.  But it was easily fixed by downloading the deb from Skype's site.

But now, at each update via-update manager, it says the skype package should have been removed and I need to remove it before proceeding?

Is this a bug?  Any workaround?

Any recommendations for a Linux/BSD based community Spambox?

I'm looking for an integrated distribution/VM appliance to do virus and SPAM filtering, much in the way that spamtitan does it.  Having a GUI for users would be a huge plus.

So far, I only found proprietary solutions, so if anyone knows a community project that does the same, please recommend it to me!


PS.  Yes, I know mailscanner and amavis, been running them for years :-)

If the nmbs becomes any less punctual

  • People will start applauding IF a train makes it to the destination like they do when airplanes land
  • you start looking for the hidden interdimensional wormhole to get back to your own reality should a train arrive on time
  • You'll have to check the news on a smartphone from within the station to know if they are on strike or not because there's no difference in service level

kernvragen.be: Gaan mijn kleinkinderen last hebben van ons kernafval?


Antwoord van kernvragen hier.

Jullie stellen in het kort:

1. Nucleair afval is maar 1% van alle jaarlijks giftig afval
2. het is goed opspoorbaar
3. wat niet ter zake doende opmerkingen over toekomstige technieken.


The Belgian nuclear forum is launching a very aggressive marketing campaign which supposedly provides answers about nuclear energy to the public.

Reading through the questions and answers seems to confirm my original feeling that this is nothing more than a marketing campaign designed to ease the fears surrounding nuclear enegery instead of actually providing honest answers.  

So, as someone with 4 years of experience in the nuclear energy, I will be asking them some questions and I'll be curious to hear the answers.

Managing security upgrades?

 The number of (Ubuntu) servers I have is growing steadily, and with it approaching 10 (including VM's), I'm starting to look for a solution to manage security upgrades beyond the apt-get update && apt-get upgrade mantra.

What are other people using for this?  I know RH Satellite/Spacewalk is nice but it's only for RHEL-derivates.

Already looked at unattended upgrades, but I'd like something with a little more options and centrally managed (I have redundant web frontends so they should be upgraded sequentially).

NFSv4 UID mapping?

It seems that Ubuntu 11.10 server defaults to NFSv4, which probably makes sense.

But I'm having problems with ownership on the clients.  Both my server and clients run 11.10 and authentication is done with OpenLDAP (so UID/GID's are consistent).

On the server, I do see the correct persmissions on my home directory: UID/GID 2000.

But on the client, this gets mapped to some none-existing uid:


drwxr-xr-x 13 4294967294 4294967294 4096 2012-01-15 01:18 .


No InnoDB support in Ubuntu server 11.10?

I installed an 11.10 server, but it seems to miss InnoDB support:


 mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'have_innodb';
| Variable_name | Value |
| have_innodb   | NO    |


Am I missing something?

* EDIT * After removing and reinstalling mysql-server, it magically came back!  so weird.

Status.net database fails on Ubuntu 11.10

 I've been running Status.net on my webserver for a while.  With the move to new infrastructure, I created a db dump on my old server (Ubuntu 10.04, 64-bit) and tried to import it on the new one (Ubuntu 11.10, 64-bit) but if fails on:


ERROR 1071 (42000) at line 1194: Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes


Interesting enough, creating a completely new database with the webinstaller gives the same result and fails!

Any suggestions to get around this?


Stupid ISP (Mobistar) tech support

I complained about the long responsetime and subsequent downtime of my interne connection for almost a month earlier

It got fixed eventually and after very painfull and long talks to customer service.  But this week, I needed to change some settings on my router, but was unable t access the web interface.


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