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Dell seems to be chickening out...

After hopes were recently raised that Dell would soon offer pre-installed Linux boxes, the company is backing out already.
It seems they are just starting to test Novell's Linux on some machines, but true certification let alone support are nowhere in sight yet.

Sigh, so much for listening to your consumer's demands...

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DELL will start to offer Linux pre-installed!

Following consumer demand which became apparent after DELL opened it's consumer discussion board, DELL will start to offer computers with Linux preinstalled. It seems they will offer a choice between 3 distributions including my own beloved Ubuntu.

This means that Linux buyers now have a major brand to choose and can be sure that the included hardware works. As an added bonus, it's even installed for you.

I hope really hope this means then end to the Windows tax, as I still have an XP CD that I got with my laptop. It's the most expensive coaster I'll ever own.

Ubuntu membership

I made Ubuntu member today. My membership was approved at the Community Council meeting at 12:00 UTC.

New site

I'm working to convert the site to Drupal, all content shoul reappear soon.
Meanwhile, the old site is still online under http://nocturn.vsbnet.be/old/


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