This is the website of Guy Van Sanden, a later 30-ish computer hacker (hacker, not cracker).

During the day, I run my own Free Software focused business called Taurix. I built my carreer on GNU/Linux and Unix based solutions, ranging from Solaris with ClearCase to a Beowulf cluster.

I am a proud member of the Free Software community and an former moderator on Ubuntuforums.org.   Currently, I maintain some Free Software projects (like eLAS).

I have been into computers since I was 14. My 'universe' changed in 1997, when I first installed GNU/Linux (RedHat 5) which allowed me to live Microsoft free since 1999 (incidently the year I got married). The Free Software community has been my home ever since. It put the *fun* back in to computers, putting technology before commercial interests, and leveling the playing-field for rich and poor alike.

Free Software is a concept that gained form in the 80s. Free, as in Freedom, not as in 'at no charge'. It means you get to run a program for any purpose, whithout restrictions. You have the right to study and adapt that program *and* to redistribute it freely providing you credit the author.